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Thermocouple ...
* THERMOCOUPLES Straight and L-Type ranging hanging from 0°c to 1800°c.

* Thermocouples for SALT- BATH, Lead Bath & Zinc Bath.

* RTD (Pt-l00) Sensor ranging from-4O°c to 4OO°c.

* THERMOCOUPLE, TYPE-J; Fe/Ko is suitable to use upto 600°

* Thermocouple, Chromel /Alumel, Type-K, one "leg" is made with alloy of Ni- 90% & Cr - 10% (Ti), NON. MAGNETIC & other leg is made with wire of Alloy of Ni - 95% , Mn - 1.6%; Al-1.2%, Si-1.6% (T2), MAGNETIC , suitable to use upto 1200°c

* Thermocouple, (Pt/Pt-13% Rh); Type- 'R'; one Wire is "Platinum Wire" & other leg is made with alloy of 87% Platinum and 13% Rhodium". This is suitable to use upto 1600°c.
Thermowell for Thermocouples Thermocouple for Furnaces
/ Ovens / Driers
MFGR of Digital Controller MFGR of Digital Controller
Thermowell Thermowell Thermocouples & Thermowell Thermowell
Thermocouples Filted
with "Thermowell"
L-Type "Thermocouples" with
Teflon Casing (for use in Acid /
Corrossive Media)
"Cartridge Heaters" along
with "Metallic Casing"
Thermowells for high Temp. Thermocouples
High Temperature Thermocouples
[0oC - 1600oC]
with Refractory Sheath
Metallic Casing of
Cartridge Heaters
L-Type Thermocouple
(for use in Acids and Reactive corrosive fluids)
Bunch of L-Type Thermocouple
High Temperature Refractory Sheathed Thermocouple M.I. Thermocouples    
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